When it comes to showcasing the sheer spectacle of the photogenic locations in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Daman & Diu – Gujarat & Rajasthan Film Production Services is the go to Agency for Movie Shoots, Advertising Shoots, Photo Shoots, Documentaries and for Photographers looking for that special footage from the finest locales

Royal Palaces, Havelis, Resorts, Sanctuaries, Towns, Villages , Forests, Rivers, Deserts, Landscapes , Monuments of every description are delivered with exemplary efficiency and the least obstruction from red tape of any sort.

Gujarat & Rajasthan Film Production Services specialize in understanding the exact nature of your requirement and providing reliable guidance to every Customer, whether professional or amateur, familiar with the area or visiting for the first time. State the requirement and leave the selection of Locations to us and we shall give you a wide array of locations to choose from.  With over a 100 projects to their credit  Gujarat & Rajasthan Film Production Services is one of the most experienced and efficient operators – a leader in the field since 2004.

The range of services provided is comprehensive. These include:

  • Obtaining Government & Private permissions for photography including setting up of movie sites with a minimum of fuss and bother so clients can focus on their work.
  • Complete arrangements for Hotel & Outdoor Stay, Transport of personnel and equipment, Catering, & Casting.
  • Extensive Database on every Category of Location. Quotes are provided promptly with full photographic detail.
  • Sourcing of Animals in a humane manner and sourcing of specialized props – especially memorabilia from the past is a specialty.
  • Have Representatives, Offices, and Associates in all major cities of Rajasthan & Gujarat.
  • Unmatched network that offers complete reliability.

Gujarat & Rajasthan Film Production Services takes great satisfaction in opening the secret doors to a wonderful world of scenic beauty and tailor-made visual backdrops – and we do it all with the most unobtrusive efficiency.

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